Cape Town Water Shortage – DAY ZERO explained

This is how YOU will be effected by DAY ZERO. Become a Water Warrior!

If all of us in our beautiful city do not manage to save enough water over the coming weeks, DAY ZERO, the day the taps will be turned off, may be on the cards.
DAY ZERO at present is predicted for 16 April 11 May 4 June 9 July 15 July not before 2019!!!


Steenbras Dam
Steenbras Dam

Nevertheless, and just in case, we have a detailed plan in place.

The House.
Sufficient drinking water will be provided per person per day. This will now be bought-in water. Water for coffee and cooking is available too.

We will provide more than enough "grey water" in your room, which you may use for any purpose besides drinking. Think washing hands & hair, and a body wash.
A bucket, a plastic tub, a ladle and other useful tools are thus provided for your daily hygiene. Help your travel partner wash her/his hair. Think bushveld and "Out Of Africa" :-)

No more cistern water for flushing the toilet will be available.
For "small business" LOO ME SPRAY is provided. It prevents smell and germs. No flushing is needed.
The grey water is there for all bigger business.
(This sounds a bit awkward, but actually, in our private homes we are used to it already. Its no big thing.)

There is plenty of water available at Acorn House!
We installed tanks for rainwater harvesting, and the 20.000l pool serves as water reservoir until next summer.

No doubt, you will spend a memorable time at Acorn House. Surely you will tell your friends back home what great time you had being so green-conscious!


The Pool.
We will have the pool open as long as possible. As autumn arrives it will be too cold using the pool.
20.000l of pool water will then be backup to be used in the house.

Who is the biggest water saving champion? We are foreseeing this discussion at breakfast time!


The Gardens.
There will be no more watering of the gardens for some months. The lawns will recover quickly as soon as winter and the raining season are kicking in.

The Acorn Team will perform the very best rain dance together with you when the first rain arrives! One of these moments ... :-)

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