The Room Names at “Acorn House”

Sir Maitland Park chose as his architect, the well known and popular, Herbert Baker who later became Sir Herbert Baker. Sir Maitland Park lived in the House until 1918 after which it changed hands fairly rapidly. The rooms here take their names from the following past owners:

24 June 1918 Sir Maitland Park sold to Isabelle Duchene
25 November 1918 From Isabelle Duchene to Miller Edmund Risien
08 August 1926 From Miller Edmund Risien to Max Schrire
05 June 1939 From Max Schrire to Theodore Herzl Snitcher
01 August 1942 From Theodore Herzl Snitcher to Simon Davis
13 August 1947 From Simon Davis to Elizabeth Caroline Johanna Voge
03 March 1958 From Estate Late E.C. Voge to Meyer Alexander Chaimowitz
23 June 1987 From Meyer Alexander Chaimowitz to Noelle Stewart
01 July 1996 From Noelle Stewart to Margaret Anne Biggs
01 Oktober 2000 From M. A. Biggs to Bernd Schlieper and Beate Lietz

History of Acorn House