Save Water Like A Local

As Cape Town experiences its worst drought in recorded history, the City is doing all it can to conserve water, bring additional water into the network and inform residents and tourists about saving water. However, the City needs your help to spread the water-saving word:

This is how YOU will be effected by the water crisis. Please support us in saving precious water!

The House.
On arrival a detailed introduction is given to you on the water drought Cape Town is facing and the firm initiatives we have in place:

Sufficient drinking water is provided every day. However, drink more wine ..., we have plenty!

A bucket is provided to you to catch cold pre-shower water. Please use for flushing your toilet.
Alternatively, please "adopt a plant" in our garden. Want to enjoy a full bath? Don't; this takes far too much water. Please wait till the next stop of your trip, where water is not scarce.
Objects limiting toilet cistern water volume are explained. You probably know this from home.
Also, an odor catching agent is at work already. Please only flush big business.

And additionally:
No change of towels and linen is done, unless you requests.
No laundry service is provided. Please make use of a laundrette if really necessary.
High quality paper serviettes are used – flown in by other surportive return guests!
Use of wipeable fabric table cloth at breakfast. No more washing is needed.
Changing the habits of room cleaning by our team in order to use less water. A recurring challenge.
Fresh flowers are replaced by indigenous succulents.
Hand sanitise is provided as an alternative to wash your hands.

Please proudly join Saving Like A Local and enjoy your time at Acorn House!


The Pool.
Non potable Tafelberg spring water is brought-in by our gardener to fill the pool. This water is of no use to the City yet. A modification of a downpipe close to the pool is in place harvesting rainwater. It looks like a hose of the fire brigade. However, it needs rain to make it work ...

The pool is protected with a liquid pool blanket that is both environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and minimises evaporation.

Please don't jump into the pool. Slide in and have a G&T – still a favorite! :-)


The Gardens.
No more irrigated watering of plants and lawns is allowed. "Adopt a plant": Please save some roses and lavendars by watering with your pre-shower water.

You will notice that the lawns are getting brownish. This is not of big impact. Nature will recover.